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ways to wear: boyfriend jeans

A few years ago, some fashion people got together and decided to produce and sell women’s jeans that looked like men’s jeans.  And it’s a smart concept, because who doesn’t have fond memories of the “vintage” 501s they wore in high school?  Mine had Phish patches, and I knew like one Phish song.

But for me, the execution of boyfriend jeans by the denim companies has been awkward.  To begin with, the sizing is usually wack.  Secondly, the leg is always too big–I want to look slouchy, not messy.  Thirdly, most pairs either just look like really baggy women’s jeans, or like you actually borrowed your boyfriend’s jeans, except your boyfriend is Bob Vila, and he wears terrible jeans.

This spring, boyfriend jeans are once again calling to me.  And probably out of desperation, I had an epiphany.  Why not skip the middleman and just go straight to men’s jeans?  I knew what I wanted: a higher rise, loose at the middle, with a dropped crotch and a slim, straight leg for rolling.  And I found the perfect men’s jeans, at Diesel, natch.  Diesel even has a name for that exact silhouette: the “Carrot.”  Not kidding.  Google it.

Don’t try to buy men’s jeans in the size you’d buy your usual jeans in, thinking since they’re made for guys, they must already be oversized.  I’m going to save you a lot of anxiety and stress by assuring you that they are making jeans for some really skinny men these days.  I went up two sizes to get the fit I wanted.

They are not for everyone.  But I don’t know anything, fashion-wise, that will work for everyone.  If you’re on the fence, give them a shot, because as the photos below demonstrate, they’re versatile as all-get-out.

Some ideas for how to wear your boyfriend jeans…and a Pinterest board with a few pairs designed for the ladies.

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  1. Lori #

    I’m so glad the boyfriend jean is back! These photos are all gorgeous! But I am wondering when you will venture into blogging about home decor? I’m assuming from your blog photos you also have impeccable taste in that area as well! And I’m curious where you got all of the lovely kilim rugs?

    April 11, 2012
    • hey lori! i devote really little energy to home decor right now, because with finn and tate, it’s more about ensuring survival of the existing furnishings. eureka, there’s a blog topic right there, awesome–i’ll be sure to attribute.

      we picked up our kilims in various towns in turkey about ten years ago. i do love them a lot, so thanks for noticing. 🙂

      April 11, 2012
  2. I once bought a pair of mens levi’s – wore them until they literally fell off of me – never been able to find the same fit! Looks good!

    March 21, 2012
    • i was obsessed with my pair of men’s 517s, which were like a high waisted flare, if you can imagine that on a man. they were perfection, and i’ve spent my entire life trying to recreate the feeling i had wearing them.

      March 24, 2012
  3. I’m weirdly pissed and strangely comforted at the same time. I mean, I’m tall and I wear a size 12/14, so I hardly ever find clothes that fit right and I therefore despise all clothing manufacturers. But to think you had to go up two sizes in men’s jeans? That is one effed up industry.

    You look adorable, though, as always.

    March 20, 2012
    • i was quite shocked at how skinny men’s jeans are. so it’s no longer surprising to me that justin bieber wears women’s jeans.

      March 24, 2012
  4. Whoa! I love these outfits and you look superhot in the badlands necklace! Thank you for purchasing and making us look good; and what’s more, THANK YOU for turning me onto your blog! In this career, it’s sort of a known that we should be spending at least a portion of our days blogging (reading, writing, etc)… And I love that part of my job. However, it’s rare that I find a blog and immediately want to read everything that’s ever been written on it. Yours did that to me. It’s so genuine; it’s real life; and it’s funny. I can’t wait for more! xo~betsy

    March 19, 2012
    • Betsy, I don’t wear much jewelry but am OBSESSED with my badlands necklace. Looking forward to dropping in at Betsy & Iya soon. Thanks for the love!

      March 19, 2012

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